A few words about myself


My name is Raphaël Bruneau, I am 40 years old and I am a Certified Bilingual Sophrologist. Open to cultural diversity, I have lived and worked in several countries, including Canada, France and the U.S. I hold both French and Canadian citizenship.

Following 15 years of work experience in different organizations, mostly in the private sector, I felt the need to explore a career change, increasingly aware of certain problems caused by the fast pace of modern life: stress and anxiety, overwork, sleep disorders, search for meaning…

After an important introspection period, including regular practice of Sophrology as a client, I pursued my training at the Paris Sophrology Training Institute. It is the first organization to achieve registration of its Certificate with the National registry of professional certifications (RNCP).

Also a sports fan, I practiced martial arts for several years , and enjoy regular swimming and biking. Sophrology and meditation are also part of my daily routine.

I am a member of the « Chambre Syndicale de la Sophrologie », which has established a Code of ethics for the profession.

Raphael Bruneau - Bilingual Sophrologist