Improve your quality of life

Sophrology can help you manage stress and anxiety, increase focus on the present moment, and ultimately improve day-to-day quality of life. This program applies in particular to the following situations :

self confidence

Mental preparation

This program will help you optimize your potential when facing an event with a specific deadline. The exercices and mental visualisations performed during Sophrology sessions reinforce concentration, focus, confidence and serenity. The program is well suited for the following situations :

  • Sports event
  • Academic test
  • Driver licence
  • Professional interview
  • Medical intervention
  • Public speaking
  • Stage fright

Sports event

Support during a medical treatment

This program is specifically designed to help you better manage a period of sickness or physical pain :

  • Post-operative pains
  • Chronic pain
  • Rehabilitation period
  • Tinnitus
  • Anxiety associated with a medical treatment


This program can only be implemented if the client is under medical supervision, as Sophrology cannot be used as a substitute to medical care.

Medical treatment