What is Sophrology?


Sophrology is a relaxation and personal development method essentially based on controlled breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery.  Sophrology is a non-tactile practice, there is no physical contact between the Sophrologist and his client.

Accessible to all, with easy-to-perform exercices and visualizations guided by the voice of the Sophrologist, it is also qualified as a « mind and body » approach.

Drawing from other influences such as Yoga, Progressive relaxation or Phenomenology, the word « Sophrology » goes back to the greek roots SOS – PHREN – LOGOS or «science of consciousness in harmony ». The founder of this method was Dr. Alfonso Caycedo, a spanish neuro-psychiatrist and humanist, seeking to improve the quality of life of his patients.

Based on the relaxation of both the body and the mind, Sophrology helps us connect with our positive feelings and ressources, leading to improved focus, energy and quality of life.

La sophrologie