First session

During this session, we first discuss the subject of your visit. Then, I will ask you a few questions related to general health, quality of sleep, and other elements which will help us establish the program objective, specific to your needs.

This session also allows for the discovery and first-hand experimentation of Sophrology: “dynamic” relaxation exercices (standing or sitting), followed by a full relaxation, comfortably seated in a chair and guided by my voice.

confiance en soi

Following sessions

Following this first session, I will establish the support program, which is an adaptable and flexible framework for the sessions we will perform together. A program is typically based on 8 to 12 sessions, which usually take place on a weekly basis.

Each session starts with an initial exchange on the past week (Sophrology practice, progress towards the program objective…). It is followed by the practice of Sophrology exercices, and ends with a time dedicated to session feed-back (sensations, thoughts, feelings…).

A Sophrology session lasts 1 hour

préparation mentale